Best LCD Monitor – Acer 24″ LCD Monitor Review

//Best LCD Monitor – Acer 24″ LCD Monitor Review

Best LCD Monitor – Acer 24″ LCD Monitor Review

I needed a large screen to do my work on, and I was aiming for a 24″ because it’s capable of showing 2 A4 screens side-by-side. I went shopping online and very nearly got a Dell 24″ LCD monitor, but thankfully Dell rejected my Singapore-based Paypal account, because I found a refurbished Acer 24″ LCD monitor that was selling for nearly $100 off. The reviews were good, the specs were good, and the price especially was good, so I grabbed it 😀

The only drawback is that it only comes with a 3-month warranty, but I’m not too concerned with that because my reasoning is that refurbished units are almost guaranteed to work since they’ve been given a thorough-enough check, and the 3-month warranty is long enough to cover any manufacturer’s defects (which should appear within 3 months). So I think it’s absolutely worth it!

After waiting for a few days, it arrived at my doorstep:

Acer 24-inch LCD monitor box

Acer 24-inch lcd box opened
Very well-packaged!

The reason why I got a 24″ LCD and not a 22″ LCD is because typical 22″ LCD monitors can only display 1680×1050, and 24″ LCD monitors offer the jump to 1920×1200 that I wanted.

Here’s how my screen looks. I have a browser window showing on the left, and another window open on on the top-right. In the bottom-left corner, I have a MSN window open:

acer 24-inch lcd monitor 1920x1080

I thought a 24″ LCD would be unwieldy and huge, but it’s actually not that big – here’s how it looks on my desk. That’s a standard-size keyboard, mouse, and mug:

Acer 24-inch lcd monitor

I know occasionally has some of these great deals on refurbished units, so check them out, and if they’re available, grab them!

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