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Get Random Colour in PHP

Ever wanted to get random colours for your PHP scripts? This easy randomise script does just that – It randomly picks a few colours for you!

//randomise the RGB colours
$r = rand(128,255);
$g = rand(128,255);
$b = rand(128,255);
//sets the colour code in 000000 format
$colour = dechex($r) . dechex($g) . dechex($b);

That’s it! Then just use $colour in your PHP code. The dechex() method just converts the number to the hexadecimal format that you need.

I used half the colour spectrum (from 128 to 255) so that only the brighter colours will be generated. If you’d prefer, you can use the full spectrum (from 0 to 255) or the darker spectrum (from 0 to 128).

Have fun!

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