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Vbulletin Can’t Login – Solve the Login Problem

Some Vbulletin users and owners may have experienced that some users face a problem logging in, especially with Internet Explorer (IE).

Does your problem sound like this: When the user logs in, the page shows the “Thank you for logging in” message, then refreshes, and the user is shown that he is not yet logged in. No error message is shown.

Well, the following 3 steps may help in solving this Vbulletin log in problem:

  1. Close all open browser windows and clear all cookies. Then load your browser and try logging in again. If that does not help, continue with the next suggestions.
  2. Login to your Admin CP, click on “vBulletin Options” in the left frame, and then select “Cookies and HTTP Header Options”. Once there, make sure that your “Path to Save Cookies” setting is set to “/” (without the quotes). If it is not, change it to “/”, save your settings, close your browser, clear your cookies, and try logging in again. If that still does not help, continue to step #3.
  3. Go back to your Admin CP, click on “vBulletin Options” in the left frame, and select “Cookies and HTTP Header Options” again. Check your “Cookie Domain” setting and make sure it is set to “(blank)”. If it is not, change it to “(blank)”, save your settings, close your browser, clear your cookies, and try logging in again.

    If that still does not help, or the setting is already set to “(blank)”, change the setting to “.yoursite.com” (note the 2 dots!). Save your settings, close your browser, clear your cookies, and then try logging in again.

Note: By changing your “Cookie Domain” setting, it is possible to lock yourself out of the Admin CP if this is changed to an incorrect value. If this happens, upload the tools.php script (located in the ‘do_not_upload’ folder of the vBulletin zip file) to your admincp directory. Load the file in your browser and select the option to reset the cookie domain and path back to the defaults.

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